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Creativity is rebellious; it colors outside the lines, and it sometimes takes its own path. At Rebel Squid, we build brands with personality and purpose; setting our clients up with the brand staples they need to connect with their customers, solve problems, build trust, and keep their customers coming back.


At Rebel Squid we want your business to stand out in a sea of ordinary. We understand the importance behind a strong brand and it’s presence in the world, which is why we are committed to keeping your business fresh, creative, and unique to you. From big projects to small, we never skimp on the quality of the final product. “Communication is key” as the old saying goes, and communication comes first in our client relationship. You aren’t just a client; you are a part of the big picture! Your personality and values are at the core of your business, which is why we love to keep our clients involved in the process as much as possible.


With 10+ years of experience working with clients both locally and across the US, the team at Rebel Squid can help set you up for success with services like brand identity, content creation, social media management, print/digital materials, packaging design, photography, and all the little odd-jobs in between!



Owner & Creative Director

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